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11 Occult Secrets Now In the Open | Before It’s News 

Power is derived in many ways. One of them is through ignorance. Deprive people of enough empowering truths while giving the illusion of an essential central control system and you’ll have the masses in your back pocket.”

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Xanadu Xero I have a very hard time with people jumping on bandwagons for grandstanding like “11 Occult Secrets” >Things are presented as apparent truths without explanation/ substantiation with words and terms exactly defined. Words are mushy now, like SACRED which people bat like a badminton bird. (con’t)

    • When I was JUST SO POPULAR, $uccessful, writing TV, a friend of my mother’s, a dolt, pranced up to me and grabbed my hands with a simpy look that made me understand why men hate us. 
    • She winked, “I saw your show last night… YOU READ MY SOUL!” 
    • That really laid out my devil’s bargain.

Xanadu Xero From the article: “Earth is apparently a proving ground. It’s not static for any level of existence, never mind the human experience. We seem to be set here to make choices, learn lessons and come to realizations that appear to have a collective impact on existence.”

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Iona Miller http://occultespionage.50m​


Is it Crowleyanity or Truth? In the world of Aleister Crowley, it is impossible See More

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Xanadu Xero Is that not the HEIGHT OF ARROGANCE? Why is earth “APPARENTLY a proving ground”? Even if it is„ why do we ASSUME we’re so COMPLEX - i.e. IF WE DON’T SEE IT OR GET IT, IT DOESN’T EXIST, like a little kid hiding his eyes and saying “Try to find me!”

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Xanadu Xero ‎”We seem to be set here to” - I mean, come ON. Etc. You it’s quite possible it’s NONE OF THE ABOVE, and will be FOREVER OPAQUE a concept that sends the human animal into a laughable frenzy.

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Xanadu Xero I posit the blocks to wisdom are DEFINITION and FORM, in and of themselves. Buddhism is elitist, cliquish and cash grabbing as everything else.

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